Management team
Who are we?

Ridgeview Diagnostics AB (RDAB) is headed by an experienced team:
Magnus Malmqvist, CEO
Magnus Malmqvist, associate professor in Physical Biology, is heading the operative tasks of RDAB and is co-inventor of the company patent portfolio. Malmqvist is in parallel CSO at Bioventia AB and chairman of Ridgeview Instruments AB.

In the past, Malmqvist co-founded Pharmacia Biosensor AB (later Biacore AB, now part of GE) and held several leading position during the the development of of Biacore technology.
Lena Lebel
Lena Lebel, PhD in medicinal chemistry, is responsible for business development at RDAB. Lebel is in parallel CEO and chairman of Bioventia AB as well as board member of RDAB.

Lebel has many years of experience from senior positions within the Pharmacia group of companies (1985-2000, now Pfizer), including Head of Clinical Research Urology and responsible for the planning and implementation of the international Phase I-III clinical programme to take Detrol up to registration.
Karl Andersson
Karl Andersson, associate professor in Biomedical Radiation Sciences, is chairman of the board of RDAB. He is also co-inventor of one of the patents of RDAB and is active in the technical development at RDAB. In parallel, Andersson is CTO at Ridgeview Instruments AB.

In 2004, Andersson invented LigandTracer technology, which is commercialized by Ridgeview Instruments AB for research purposes and licensed to RDAB for diagnostic purposes. He further has 10 years experience from the R&D team at Biacore AB (now part of GE).